Latest Site Update: The original fiction, Rurouni Kenshin fanfic, and Quest for Glory fanfic pages have been redone with my spiffy new code.

I’m finally doing it. I’ve been meaning to do it for months, and now I’ve finally started: I’m rewriting Promise. Again. Making it longer, more plausible, more detailed (about Sano and Kenshin especially)… and reworking that godawful lemon. I kept putting it off, and then I kept getting rave reviews on the original. That sounds like I don’t like reviews or something, but that’s not true… it’s just that I can’t stand getting all these “This story rocks!” comments on something that I absolutely despise with all my heart. So Promise 2.0 is now, finally, in the works. Hopefully it will be able to live up to its predecessor’s reputation.

And in other projects, click here to see the cover-page of the doujinshi I’m working on now. This is my new style, and I’m hoping the whole thing will turn out well.

And, yes, I’m well aware how wicked it is of me to work on things like this when not only have stories like Black Flower Memorial and Chi no Kiretsu been stagnating, but I also should be studying for the classes I’m taking in my so-called real life… but I don’t care. Promise 2.0 is something of which I’m in desperate need, and Gold Eyes False is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. So there.