Latest Site Update: I redid the RKfanfic and Ofic pages.

I found my code. HTML is good mindless work you can do while you think about other things all day. Now several of my pages are prettier.

Last night at work a guy was mentioning that he’d never been out of the state. This kinda blew my mind… I can imagine never having been out of the country, but not the state. Anyway, another co-worker told him that he should travel, and he said, “Yeah, I’m trying… one of these days I’m going to go to Japan… or Ireland… or something.” And I immediately broke in with, “And then Germany, and then back home, right?” And they looked at me weird; actually, it even took me a moment to realize why I’d said it.

So then later I turned on my MP3 player, like I always do after the store’s closed, and it played Dream Theater’s Lie and Mirror (yes, in that order), then System of a Down’s Streamline. My MP3 player is psychic.