Latest Site Update: The original fiction, Rurouni Kenshin fanfic, and Quest for Glory fanfic pages have been redone with my spiffy new code.

I sharpened my knife yesterday, and now I can cut myself! I maked all sorts of cute cuts on my arm. Problem is, it’s only sharp in some spots; I didn’t do a very good job. I’ll have to go back to the shop and be like, “Um, can I test out your sharpener again?” LOL. (Edit: Stop freaking out, people!! My pain tolerance isn’t high enough to do myself any serious harm; they’re like paper cuts and they hardly bled at all!!) As long as I’m on this train of thought, I will take this moment to mention that my mom just bought a new blender. It’s sleek and black and very pretty. *licks blender* Also that I had this brilliant Farfie-Ken idea last night.

And here is the first page (version 1.0) of my dj. Not sure why I’m posting this in my lj as I draw it, but I seem to be. So there. Also not sure about the bottom frame… the ashtray, that is… I kinda think it sucks, so I may redraw it. Also I’m still playing with layout and stuff like that, so the finished dj may look completely different from this. But you can still get a general idea of how the style is working out, and enjoy the story (if you like my SxS’s, that is) one page at a time, ne?