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Well, I’ve been trying to write all day, and failing miserably. Even the good old one-line-in-every-document game isn’t working this evening T__T Maybe I need fresh inspiration or something; I dunno. At least Gold Eyes False is working out so far; that’s pretty cool.

So I’ve decided to marry Kamatari. Yeah, yeah, I know… but I really adore him! And I’m sure he’ll be happy to comply since then he can have access to my other eight husbands! Also I’m going to take him shopping as often as I possibly can! Because he’s so kawaii in tank tops and stuff! And makeup! I can buy him so much of that! Not to mention all of that jewelry they sell in stores like Afterthoughts and The Icing *gets all excited* I think Chou will be pleased too.

If I ever start talking about marrying Saizuchi, please shoot me, OK?

I like every kind of music, but the other day I realized that I actually do have a couple of favorite genres: metal and classical. I was pleased to realize this, because it’s kinda cool to have favorites. So I stored it away under Useful Revelations along with the fact that if I lived in a fantasy world, I would fight with a quarterstaff. I realize all sorts of useful stuff, ne…

Now, how is it that I can type and type and type all this stupid, pointless stuff in my journal but not get a single thing done in a real story?

. . .

Oh, yeah.

Because then my stories would have to be stupid and pointless.

Hmm… actually, maybe in that case I could work on Tsuki ni Kawatte, Aku Soku Zan or Ojousama Hanayome… But the latter requires not only watching TPB, but checking on a couple of manga scenes… and I’m way too lazy to do either one right now.

So I’m just rereading random reviews on various stories (and listening to The Wars of the Last Wolves, *swoons*). Eventually I’ll probably start playing either Might and Magic or Alice until I get too tired and go to bed. I took a nap earlier, but I’m still tired. Stupid tired.

Chibi’ivil declares that he is going to marry Aoshi-chan no matter what, and I can’t stop him. And speaking of Aoshi-chan… I really should have waited to see what kind of personality he had before naming him. Oh, sure, he meditates sometimes… but he’s waaay too hyper for that name. If I’d just waited, I could have named him more appropriately Sou-kun and that would have been good. But oh, well. Chibi’ivil says Aoshi-chan is a better name anyway. But that’s ’cause Chibs is obsessed with Aoshi and doesn’t much like Soujirou. More fool him.

Speaking of Aoshi… and revelations… you know in the manga, Megumi says that Aoshi became the Okashira at the age of fifteen “just before the start of the Meiji era?” I’ve been trying to definitively place Aoshi’s age for the longest time, and clues like that are good. And has anyone else noticed that manga Aoshi is having, like, a phenomenally bad bad-hair-week when the Kenshingumi first meet him?

I was at school yesterday taking a psych test (yes, another one; I have three psych classes… it is my major, after all) and I was thinking… if Gold Eyes False works out satisfactorily, I will turn Crimson Thread of Fortune (another SxS that’s not doing what it’s supposed to) into a doujinshi too! *glees* Go me! And then I have, like, 20 more SxS summaries waiting to be storified, and I could do some of those too! But I’m getting ahead of myself… only two pages into GEF and already planning a whole worldful of further projects… I always do that *smacks self*

*grins* The Juppongatana just came on… it makes me so freaking happy when this song starts playing. And when it gets to Chou’s part, I just bounce around like a weirdo singing along.

My grandma and some other relatives are coming over tomorrow. I hope my uncle comes and brings all his systems. It’s sad to say that the only reason you like your uncle is that he owns every video game system ever made, but hey… I can’t get over his artistic bigotry, so it’s true.

No mas journal.

Nine husbands!