Latest Site Update: TheAnimeFanboy let me put his hilarious fic Kenshinball up! Go read it, one and all!!

Know what’s funny? I’ve got a whole bunch of email addresses who’ve signed up for my update list, but I so rarely send out updates… even when I actually put new stuff on the site, like Kenshinball as mentioned above… pretty well the only time I actually send out an update notice is when a story that I’ve been posting on ff.n becomes finished and I put it up on my site. Silly me.

OK, here is Gold Eyes False page 1 v1.1, and here is page 2 v1.0. I’m shocked that I managed to get anything drawn at all, considering that Schuldig and not much else has been on my mind for the last several (admittedly hectic) days. That might have something to do with my new absolute favorite WK fic ever, and it might not. Maybe obsessing over him will help me write him better…..

I have so much stuff to say, and I just don’t feel like saying it. Oh, well. Bye bee.