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Well, I actually managed to get some work done last night. A little bit. But not quite the kind I was expecting. Yes, I did manage to get the WR prologue started, but then something I won’t mention sent me off on this rant about how SxS, my all-time favorite pairing in any fandom, is, IMnsHO, deteriorating, and this led to my working on something unexpected… who remembers Always? Well, since I wrote it, I’ve had this vague idea of making a trilogy of sorts (can you have a songfic trilogy?), as I had a second song that worked very nicely as Saitou’s POV for the whole thing… but since I’ve never found a good let’s-get-back-together-and-do-better-this-time song to be the third installment, I kinda lost interest. But for some reason I worked on that second songfic; it’s pretty close to done now. If I post it, everyone will be on my back again to finish the thing up and give it a happy ending. Believe me, I want a happy ending, but I’m desperately picky about songfics and can’t write the third part until I find the perfect song. I also worked on a couple of my other SxS’s, but still wasn’t entirely placated by the time I went to bed.

The long and short of it is that I seem to be going through some kind of withdrawal… I really want some good SxS! I’m going to go insane if someone doesn’t give me some decent interaction between these two sometime soon (I wonder if Maru knows how much pressure she’s suddenly under for her next chapter [in my mind, that is]? heh) It seems like, in just about all the SxS’s that I’ve read lately, the development of Saitou and Sano’s relationship is secondary to the main plot… and not in an excusable way, either (I’ve read some stories, of old, where it was) — in a “We all know how these two work; there’s no reason to rehash it” sort of way. Either that or they’re already together, and the story has nothing to do with their relationship, but just happens to happen to them. When they’re together. Like, “Here’s a story, and, oh, by the way, the two main characters are lovers.” Well, what’s the point of that kind of SxS? The author might as well take Saitou and Sano out of it entirely and make it an original story about the extraneous elements that have come to dominate the plot. My favorite SxS is still Franzi’s A Certain Clarity. That was one fucking awesome story. Even though there was a lot of stuff going on that didn’t really have much to do with the romance, the development of the relationship was present in every single paragraph; the plot and the character’ emotional progression went hand-in-hand all the way. But is that too much to ask of the general writing populace? Maybe I’m just too picky or something.

Am I deteriorating too, though? *thinks over her own SxS stories in her head* Lessee….. Heart on a Clothesline was my first. It wasn’t too bad, but since it was only my third RK fanfic and I hadn’t even seen all of the Kyoto arc yet, it wasn’t the best either. Not gonna hold myself accountable for such an early work. Next was Dress for Success, which was pretty bad — but once again, I’m not gonna rag on myself for that once since it was my first yaoi lemon. Then there was PTSD, which nobody likes except me… and even I admit that it was kinda weird and not filled-out enough. Double Date sucked, plain and simple. Then there was He Can Be Taught, which was decent. Sad and sorry attempt at a sequel, Taking Happiness in Hand… sucks (good lemon, though, I think)… As the Years Go Up in Smoke was good… Shukuteki Genzan! was pretty funny, but not many people really enjoyed that one either… Yokotsuhikubouru’s Ultra Super Cleansing Detergent was more of a general-purpose comedy than a real SxS, and that’s why I don’t tout it as an SxS — ’cause if I did, I’d be as bad as some of those against whom I’ve been ranting above. Then there was Boys’ Night Out, which was supposed to be a semi-humorous vignette, but that nobody really likes except me (and the clueless people who keep begging for the “next chapter;” *rolls eyes*)… And You Won’t Regret It, which I’ll admit rather sucked. Always, as pure angst and a songfic, is rather a different category, I think, so I’m not sure how to judge that one. Then there was Rurouni’s Kiss, which I thought was pretty good. And of course right now I’m working on Aku Soku Zan(za), which seems to be turning out rather well so far… it’s going to be at least 100 pages long before it’s done, though, so I can’t really say for sure how decent of an SxS it’s going to be. So how does my SxS portfolio look? For the count: 2 on which I’m not gonna comment, 3 that I’m willing to say are good and that have been well-received, and the other 9 of the 14 (provided I’m counting right; my math skills are rather lacking) at varying levels of suckage/unpopularity. So. Time to stop ranting about other people’s writing and try to come up with something good myself.


Everyone seems to be short on sleep these days. It’s certainly my insomnia time of year, when for no reason whatsoever I can’t get a decent night’s sleep to save my life. And then if I finally do fall asleep, something lovely will happen like road construction just outside my open window to wake me up only two hours after I managed to doze off. It makes working ’till midnight interesting, and writing a real bitch (I can’t write worth crap when I’m tired). Also I get more profane when I’m tired; you may have noticed. Ah, Sano, what have you done to me?

The X on my face is almost entirely gone. My theory about how it would heal is holding up. Seisou Hen is crap. I mean, despite the fact that I haven’t seen it yet, I already knew that — in addition to everything that goes on in it with Kenshin and stuff… no Saitou dialogue?! Gimme a break! Anyway, yeah, the way Kenshin’s scar disappears isn’t the way it really would, I’m fairly sure.

I’ve been going layout crazy (so has ‘dori-chan, LOL, and I’d like to welcome her to the wonderful and addictive world of PaintShop Pro!) The one I’ve got up now is too bright and too… orange… for my tastes, despite how completely gorgeous is Shishio-sama. I made my Usui layout yesterday — he’s so cute!!! — and I’ll put that up in a couple of days…. I hafta restrain myself and keep this one up for at least a week, you know? I’m going to do layouts for all my anime husbands and wives, but it will take a while because I still don’t have a new DVD-ROM and therefore can’t take screenshots — and 90% of the pics you can find online aren’t useable in such a thing. Bigger is better, people! For Usui I had to scan pages in my Kyoto arc artbook.

Speaking of DVD-ROM’s and other such things (things I want but for which I don’t have money, that is), I’m a bit annoyed…. last September, I was living in an apartment with my sister. We had a 12-month lease, and we’d been there for 6, when all of a sudden she decided she wanted to move out and move back in with my parents. This was somewhat irritating to me, since because I couldn’t afford the rent on my own, it meant I either had to go with her or find a new roommate kwikli — and also we had to pay a lot of money for breaking our lease. Well, I moved in with a friend whose roommate had just barely done the same thing to her, so I was OK. Anyway, my sister and I have slowly been paying off our debt to the old apartment, and yesterday I went in to make (as I thought) the final payment. Why did I think this? Because the last time I was in there, they told me that we were down to $261 that we owed them. Well, it turns out that their record-keeping is really crappy, ’cause when I went in yesterday they couldn’t put their finger on any kind of exact number. Every set of records they had of our payments added up to a different total, and so finally they said they’d call me with the exact number of how much we owed them. I left them a check for $200. Today they called and said that, even after yesterday’s check, we owe them…. $261! I sighed and said OK, ’cause since our record-keeping has been just as crappy there’s no way to prove that we’ve already paid them such-and-such an amount. So my next paycheck will go to making that last payment. This seriously puts a crimp in my budget, which was already uncomfortably tight. But, hey, most of it’s my fault anyway… if I hadn’t quit my job when I did, I wouldn’t be so far in debt. Whatever.

Wow, this has been a really long, really bitchy entry, hasn’t it? I should stop. I think I’m going to try to take a nap; maybe an attempt to sleep in the middle of the day will be more successful than one in the middle of the night…? *rolls eyes*