Latest Site Update: TheAnimeFanboy let me put his hilarious fic Kenshinball up! Go read it, one and all!!

Wai!! Usui!! He’s just so kakkoi!! *glomps, loves Usui* But if you want to see something really pretty, check out ‘dori-chan’s lj…. *swoons*

ROFLOL, I just watched a couple of the dumbest animated movies of all time! My sister and I realized we hadn’t rented stupid movies and mocked them with junk food for a long while, so we went out and got three of them and some edible crap. Go us!

Something interesting… my younger brother is reading the RK manga… slowly… and I always read it over his shoulder because I like to see people’s reactions to things (he doesn’t mind). Today he read volume 4. And at one point, he randomly zoomed in on Aoshi and just sat there staring for a bit. Finally, with this little grin, he said, “Wow, he looks really good like that.” And I had to bite my tongue, because he’s way too young for me to be thinking I might have a repressed yaoiboi on my hands. Erm…

Time to work on fanfic.