Latest Site Update: TheAnimeFanboy let me put his hilarious fic Kenshinball up! Go read it, one and all!!

So, somebody nominated He Can Be Taught for fanfic of the year in the Readers’ Choice Fanfic Awards, and this was enough incentive to get me finally to go through it and fix all the numerous typos and misspellings. It took, like, three hours; there were a freaking lot of typos! In doing so, I reread it… man, I did a good jobon that one, didn’t I? I’d forgotten how much I liked it. Maybe I really shouldn’t give up on Taking Happiness in Hand after all… if I were to alter the plot a bit and make it less of a prospective bitch to write, I might be able to get somewhere with it. I want very much to get to this one scene that I wrote once upon a time, ’cause it’s funny.

But what I really need to get done right now is the WR stuff *smacks herself over the head* You’re so annoying! You can’t focus on anything, especially when those two bois are around to distract you! But… but… but… they’re so beautiful!! And they go so well together… and I have so many projects just… You have projects of other sorts waiting for you as well! So hop to it!

But first, let me take a moment to mock something. A day is not complete without doing so, de gozaren. My sister got this hilarious email today, and I made her send it to me so I could post it and mock it: Once, there was a girl named Stephanie. Her parents went out for the night. They told her to lock all the doors and windows. She did, but one of the windows wouldn’t lock, so she left it. Then she went upstairs to her computer. She got a fwd about a guy who murdered little boys and girls, but she didn’t send it to anyone. That night, she went to bed and her dog followed her. Later on, she heard dripping in the washroom. She felt nervous so she put her hand down for her dog to lick. She then fell asleep. 2 hours later, she woke up and still heard the dripping so she decided to go turn it off. When she got in the room her dog was hanging from the ceiling, blood dripping off of it. She turned around and fell on the floor, crying. Then a man picked her up by the hair and put a gun to her head. Bang went the gun. That second her parents drove up. They found Stephanie and the dog dead. They went into her room and found a note saying “You guys better watch out because you’re next” From then on, her parents never went near the house. 2 years passed and her father was murdered…Send this to: 0 people-something like this will happen to you in 1 day 1-5 people-something a bit different will happen to you in 6 months 6-11 people-you will be safe only if you move 12-20 people-nothing will happen 2 you at all Isn’t that the most fucking ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?? Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s take all the dumb old campfire ghost stories we can think of, and turn them into chain letters!!! Da ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

*runs off to try and get some work done*