Latest Site Update: TheAnimeFanboy let me put his hilarious fic Kenshinball up! Go read it, one and all!!

OK, I have no idea what happened, but for some reason I spent most of the day rereading almost all of my own fanfics — I mean, I reread He Can Be Taught earlier out of necessity, but after that I went and reread the latter half of Warriors Blue and then all of the SxS’s I wrote before jumping on ff.n. Specifically As the Years Go Up in Smoke, which (my own story!) made me squeal and cry. It was all so grand!!! A couple of Strong Bad quotes come to mind… “Every time that I look at myself, I can’t believe how awesome I am,” and “I am truly the greatest guy.” My head is having a hard time fitting in the room after all of this reading. Maybe I should just marry Hiko and get it over with. To take his name, I mean, so that people will understand about me. Actually, I’ve been seriously considering marrying him anyway *__* He is so freaking awesome. He might be troublesome with my other husbands, though… I don’t know that he’d like to have anyone before him in the ranking, and I’m not sure what place he’d take *thinks* Probably at #6, after Chou and before Shishio. I’ll think about it, and decide tomorrow whether or not I want to marry him. I’ll have Okon and Omasu stalking me for it if I do… so I can grab Okon (I finally figured out which is which; Okon is the hot one!) for a threesome!! *starts to think this is a really good idea*

I’m going to bed.