My room smells like leather from the boots I bought yesterday. They come almost up to my knees, and they have platforms that are about 6″ high at the heel. They have more straps, buckles, and laces than Ran’s trench-coat, and they have spikes. The spikes are detachable, though, which is a good thing as they look kinda funny under pants. I am so tall when I wear them. This makes me feel powerful, as I am destined to be the shortest person in my family as soon as my brother hits puberty. My paternal grandmother is an even 5′ so that’s obviously where I got it. I’m not that short, but all my other family members are taller than me… considering my grandfather (husband of the above) is, like, 6’9″ or something (they’re an interesting-looking couple). Anyway, my boots are awesome.

*works on WR* I have got to get this stupid thing finished; everyone is waiting on me and I feel bad. Not only that, inspiration is piling up for many of my fanfics, but I can’t work on anything else until I get this stuff done *growls, keeps working*

For some reason, I can’t seem to connect to MSN. I do so hate that.

Um, I have nothing more to say.