It’s Monday, and I’m off to take the first of my finals. And betweentimes hopefully get the panels for page 8 finished. I really want one of those little wooden figure-dudes that you can bend into any pose for use in drawing. That would be so nice. I would draw more and faster if I had one. Maybe I will go buy one today, regardless of the fact that I’m not supposed to spend money. And now, without further ado, a teenage-talk account of Saturday night:

So we’re at the club, and there’s this guy standing by the wall on the dance floor kinda looking like he wants to dance but not sure if he should… or something like that. And Greg’s like, “Isn’t that guy totally hot?!?! I was looking at him earlier!!!” And I was like, “So go ask him to dance!” And Greg goes, “Should I?” and I reply, “Of course!” But Greg is all nervous and doesn’t want to go over there. So I bug him and bug him and bug him and push him for, like, 20 minutes, and finally he does go over there, and they start dancing… and they keep dancing, exclusively with each other, really close, for half an hour or something! Next thing you know, I look around and they’re gone. Since I’m wearing a skirt with no pockets, Greg’s got my money in his, and I want a drink… so I go looking for him. He is nowhere to be found. Giggling, I sit down at the bar and wait, figuring they must have slipped off to the bathroom for some getting-to-know-each-other time like he did with the last guy he met here. And then these four guys who look like mafia dudes come in… full three-piece suits and hats, no joke. Freaky. And for some reason, they all sit down around me. And one of them starts hitting on me. Which is fine once I get him to buy me a drink. Plus I tell him I don’t like men, which he believes because I ogle every chick who walks by and some of them return the favor ; ) Turns out all the mafia guys are stoned. Anyway, pretty soon I go back to dance, and eventually Greg and his bishi come back. Oddly enough, the other guy’s name is Greg too. And then we leave, ’cause it’s three in the morning and we’re all tired. Greg II seems nice… I hope he’s nice… goodness knows my Greggy needs a nice guy… If this one turns out to be a jerk, I will put him on the House-Egging list along with Joe, Mark, Nick, and all the other bastards who’ve been mean to my Greggy.