Latest Site Update: A new banner ad for Warriors Blue that I think didn’t turn out very well. But I’ve been trying to get the damn thing done for months now, and I’ve redone it, like, four times already… I’m not working on it any more.

It is too much erratically that I’ve been writing in my journal of late. I can tell this is the case when someone responds to a rant from, like, forever ago and I wonder for a moment what she’s talking about *sweatdrops*

So, I don’t work today, and I’m planning on getting soooo much work done! *turns on music* Go me! Oh, shimatta, my stalker’s on. Leave me alone, you moron! I don’t want to go out to lunch or to the arcade with you, and YES, writing is a real thing to spend my time doing and is a good deal more interesting than you are!!!!! *growls, licks knife*

Speaking of my knife… it’s getting dull again!!! And the sharp part is near the base of the blade, so it’s becoming impossible to cut myself without a lot of irritating effort. I wanted to cut “kuroi” into my upper arm, but I only got through a couple of strokes before I gave up. You gotta have the right tools, man. I think I’m going to find a razor blade and use that.

My sister borrowed my boots today. She’s so tall when she wears those things. And since she’s totally gorgeous (most beautiful person in our family by far; if we weren’t related, I would hit on her endlessly despite the fact that she’s only 15), she looks soo good in them.

A guy came through the drive-thru the other day whose name was Bogdan. I hope no one reads this whose name is Bogdan, or who likes the name Bogdan, because I’m going to mock it now. What a freaking hilarious name!!! I had to show his credit card slip to everyone in the store… I was laughing so hard…

I think I’ll retake my own quizzes.

I’m Sano!!!
Take the quiz: If You Were Paired With Aoshi, Who Would You Be?

I’m Niji!!!
Take the quiz: Which Rurouni Kenshin Opening/Ending Theme Are You?

Take the quiz: What kind of SxS Fic Are You?
Makes me want to go work on my latest quiz. Think I’ll do that now.

OK, enough.