Latest Site Update: A new banner ad for Warriors Blue that didn’t turn out very well. That one damn blurry frame…. and it would take me a freaking hour to redo it….

Here is my first non-RK lj layout. Sad, you say, to get rid of the lovely SxS one that was here before? Yes, it is sad. But I love making layouts so much that I just had to do this one. And Haruka and Michiru are sooooo luscious too… well, not remotely close to Saitou and Sano, but they are total babes as well. What I wanted was to make another SxS layout… but I’m running out of graphics. It is seriously time to get a new DVD-ROM so I can take screenshots again. *cries* Then I will really go layout-crazy…. whoo boy, I can see it now…

People keep leaving me the dumbest reviews / messages about my ficlet Saitou’s Secret Fetish…… maybe it’s because I included it as a bonus chapter, and there’s no category marking to spell it out for them that the thing is HUMOR. Get a clue, people; don’t tell me it’s OOC or illogical, because what the fuck do you expect from something like that?

Definitely time for bed.