Latest Site Update: A new banner ad for Warriors Blue that didn’t turn out very well. That one damn blurry frame…. and it would take me a freaking hour to redo it….

I’ve been working on a new AoSou for ‘dori-chan today, because she’s sick… it’s called This Beautiful Dissonance. Hopefully I can have it done by the end of the weekend. I could probably have it done tonight if I weren’t so freaking tired. Every Friday it’s the same… *grumbles*

And… and… and….. *cries, falls over* I just discovered that I don’t have Resolution anywhere!! I was sure I had it saved! I remember reading it to my sister from a saved file! But I’ve searched all three of my drives and I can’t find it anywhere! What am I going to doo????????????? *fades away into nothingness* Actually, I know what I’m going to do. Reread A Certain Clarity again. Still my favorite, that. And possibly work on some of my own, although that’s just not the same. Plus I’m still too tired.

I need a shower.