I am writing in my journal just because I need to write in my journal, not because I actually really have anything to say.

So I’m trying to put together another Big Update, as I mentioned before… and I made some good progress towards that last week, as I also mentioned before… and then I started working on an AoSou for ‘dori-chan, as I also mentioned before… and then today… OMG, I have been able to work on nothing but Aku Soku Zan(za). And I didn’t even get very far on that. Oh, wait, no… I had to go sit through church, so I got one panel of GEF drawn; page 9 is almost done (one more panel)… hopefully I’ll be able to do some constructive stuff tomorrow. I’m too tired right now to think coherently.

One thing I know I’m going to do tomorrow is check and see whether I can afford a new DVD-ROM. I just can’t go another week without one. So hopefully by the time I make another entry here, I’ll be able to watch anime and take screenshots again. Love!

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