Latest Site Update: Banner ad for Warriors Blue that didn’t turn out very well.

Tomorrow is my day off this week, and I swear that I will get done everything that I want to get done: I will change ‘shi-chan’s water, I will get my clothes washed, and I will get sooo much writing and also drawing done. I’m writing right now, actually, ’cause ‘dori-chan was all talking about WK and made me want to work on CC… but (*sweatdrops*) I’m working on chapter 6 because I had this desire to write Ken’s first appearance. Now, don’t think that I’ve just given away when Ken’s first appearance is, because I may bump that scene down to chapter 7 depending on how things work out with Farf and Aya. And Schu and Yohji. And on a totally different topic, I finished the next GEF frame at work today. I can’t think of anything more to say.

Oh, eccept for……… does everyone realize what is happening ONE MONTH FROM TODAY?!?!?!?! *dances with glee*