The Mystical Story Of: today. Place: McDonald’s; Time: lunch-rush (somewhere between 11 and 13).

This faery’s sister (a manager at this faery’s store, 18 yrs): *comes over to this faery and the other girl working drive-thru* “Check out that guy over there… the blonde one… isn’t he hot?”

This faery (22 yrs) and that girl (17 yrs): *look*

This faery: “. . . . . ! ! !”

That girl: “Yeah, yeah, he is!”

This faery: O_________O

This faery: *^___________________^*

Guy in lobby (probably about the same age as this faery): *has shoulder-length wavy dark-blonde hair and green eyes, trendy clothes and sunglasses, and a lady-killer smile; flirts with the order-taker as we watch*

This faery: *falls over and dies*

The End.