So we rented dumb movies, and one that we decided to get was Disney’s Make Mine Music, a collection of a bunch of their old dumb cartoons — one of which was Peter and the Wolf (which I think is actually kinda cute). The title appeared, and my sister started laughing and laughing… when I asked, she reminded me that her boyfriend’s name is Peter. From then on, it was difficult to watch the show as it was intended…. the wolf is about to decapitate the kid, and I’m like, “Hey, Peter, keep your head out of the wolf’s mouth!” … Peter ties a rope to the wolf’s tail and drags him up a tree and my sister goes, “Man, that rope’s stretchy…” to which I reply, “Well, it is on the wolf’s butt…” and she says, “Hmm, must be latex.” Then the hunters approach, and the bird goes to bring them to where Peter and the wolf are still… struggling… in the tree… and what does he write in the snow to indicate what’s going on over there? “BONK.” I am not kidding… it’s Russian or something, but it says “BONK.” At about this point, my sister and I are laughing so hard that we can’t pay attention any more. Now she’s going to draw a picture of “Peter and the Wolf” for both of us to be amused by.