Latest Site Update: Just that sucky banner ad for Warriors Blue.

I hate this; I totally don’t feel like writing right now, and that makes me depressed. I’ve decided that when I go with my family to Utah in a week and a half, I will make my big update the night before we leave — whether I’m finished with all the chapters and stuff I’ve planned or not. It would still be fairly big even if I were to make it right now, what with the stuff I’ve gotten done so far, but I’m going to hold off until then in the hopes of getting more done so it can be bigger. The bigger it is, after all, the more reviews I get at once. They’re like drugs, reviews, only I don’t think you can OD on them.

BTW, isn’t my new layout lovely?!?!

You know, I think my sister knows that I’m bi. The older one, I mean. I’m not sure; I can’t be sure without asking her, and if I were to do that it would change everything as well as defeating the point in case she doesn’t actually know. If she does know, she’s being very nice and not saying anything to me or anyone else about it. If she doesn’t know and I’m just imagining things, then she’s weird. Well, we’re all weird. But you know….

I bet I can work on Aku Soku Zan(za)… I never seem to be blocked on that one. I think I’ll go try it. Also, I had an idea for another really bad pun to use in Ojousama Hanayome… maybe I can come up with something for that one too. Well, either way, I’m gonna go try it now.