Awwaaaaaaaaaaaight!! Big Update has been successfully completed. As big as that is *shrugs* Now it’s time for me to do twelve works in order to be ready for that vacation which begins tomorrow. Which is called Yay! Also… kwikli run. So I will be gone for a week, and nobody will miss me. SHIKASHI!! They will read the five chapters I have uploaded and they will comment. And that will please me sooo much. I will miss some people, like Shou-chan and FarStrider and others, but I will be pleased with these reviews that I am sure to receive. I can’t get the profile picture to work for me in my Support Services, but I’ll play with that later. Once upon a time, I will try to update my journal once or twice whilst I am away, but it may not happen. So in the meantime, please review all my new chapter kudasai. Also… my sister is sitting on the floor nearby saying “Oh, hey, guys” repeatedly (it’s a Strong Bad thing) and saying that she will say it. Therefore, “Oh, hey, guys.” I think I will make that the subject of this entry. Along with some other, more relevant, information. I am so rambling. Therefore it is time to stop. Ja ne until I return from 12 vacations. Love me.