OK, time for another vacation update.

My cousin cannot make the “l” sound to save his life — it’s a clear “y” every time, and it’s so freaking adorable. He’s telling me about the “Yink Cyub,” a club in which you must behave like Link from Zelda. I’m a member, apparently. Not surprising, since my cousin thinks I’m male. My grandmother informed him that I’m not, and the conversation moved on. About five minutes later, in the middle of another discussion, my cousin went to great lengths to procure my grandmother’s attention in order to inform her that boys wear ties and therefore she was clearly wrong about me =D

I’ve written an entire new story during the time I’ve been here, and drawn a few GEF panels. And played a lot of video games. Have I mentioned that my uncle has every game system known to man? *is no exaggerating* I’m on his computer right now, sitting between two TVs with an X-Box each, networked to each other for convenient playing of Halo, Brute Force, MechAssault, and Unreal Championship. Unreal is how I describe his life, or his lack thereof, as I look around his room. And I thought I spent a lot of money on my media obsessions…..