Yesterday my uncle and I went over to his friends’ house and played D&D for, like, thirteen hours…. I so rarely get a chance to role-play, I was like *_____* His friend’s son (the other two are daughters, but I don’t know what is the one on the way… yeesh….) is two years old, and the kid fell in love with me or something. He insisted on sitting on my lap for half the day (I kicked him off whenever we got into a battle, and then he’d stand right up next to me and ask over and over again if the battle was done yet)… he even fell asleep on my lap at one point, so I put him in his bed. Before I left, he was like, “I wuv you… I to go to your home, please.” It was sooooo cute. There are so many kawaii little kids around here…. I miss having little kids around. My youngest sibling is 12, so it’s been a while. I can look forward to having a niece or nephew of my own in three years, though….

So anyway, I sent my story to ‘zun’-sama, and she said it works just fine for the challenge, so that should be appearing there soon. Too bad I daren’t go look while I’m on this computer. Oh, well, I have a lot too look at once I get home. An entire week of BmB and Arcana, for example! Not that Arcana’s daily. Still, I’m vastly enjoying my time here. How can you not enjoy such a video-game-filled place? Also I got to play D&D! And I’m starting to repeat myself, so no mas.