My sister P and I just stood at the bottom of the stairs eavesdropping (my brother was eavesdropping in the hallway upstairs). My mother, in another room, lectured my other sister M (15 years old) for a good half an hour about… get this… her eyeliner. My mother fancies it a serious moral issue that my sister M is given to wearing dark eyeliner around her eyes, and that today she put these cute little dots next to the outer corners (she kinda looks like a porcelain doll). So the woman went on and on and on about appearances, and how dangerous the teenage years are because people like to push boundaries, and her duty as a mother. Then she started telling some story about her junior high and the mini-skirts that were in style at the time. Which is bullshit in the current situation, because while mini-skirts are a clear violation of the church’s modesty standards, not one fucking word has ever been spoken on the topic of eyeliner. (Don’t start thinking that I care about these things; I’m saying this in reference to them and their argument) At that point, sister P walked away saying, “I can’t listen to this any longer.” Anyway, my mom even went so far as to ask sister M, “Would you feel comfortable meeting Jesus wearing that kind of makeup?” And my sister (who’d been driven to tears by my mom’s railing at that point) said that of course she would; she didn’t think he’d say anything about it. She went on to point out that everyone who knows her knows perfectly well how faithful she is in the church and has even pointed out that she really shines with her faith. The problem is, it’s a pointless exercise arguing with my mom over anything; she has to win every time, and just doesn’t see any logic besides her own. I just can’t imagine how she’s going to react when I eventually let her know that I’m bisexual and have a website full of porn stories. The first chance I get, I am moving out of state.