Maa…. my S. H. earrings are beginning to become worn-out. The little jewels have fallen all out of one side of the H! I used to have another pair (because of course, being earrings, they came in pairs), but I can’t find it now. Definitely time to go to the mall and find some new ones, probably in one of those crap stores like Afterthoughts or something. I’m sure I can find initial earrings in one of those places…. I’ve gotta go to the mall anyway…. see, while I was at my grandma’s house, I decided to see if I could beat LoZ: Ocarina of Time during the week that I was there. Unfortunately, I only thought of that on Tuesday, and we were leaving Saturday morning. So I got as far as the Spirit Temple, and all the way through that but hadn’t figured out how to get into the boss room, before we had to leave. So now I really, really, really need to find that game and beat it. And then Majora’s Mask. So definitely the mall. Oi, I have a headache. Yikes.