Well, the mall didn’t have any initial earrings that I could locate in any store. And we even have three of those stupid girly-jewelry stores in our mall! I’ll just have to look elsewhere (the ones I have, I got at Wal-Mart… demo, last time I checked there, they didn’t have any more). But I did find LoZ: Ocarina of Time, so I am well-pleased. And, as I mentioned last night, the grocery store finally restocked their Pocky. So I bought them out, except for one box that was kinda mashed. And they’d better restock sooner this time.

Last night a sad thing happened. My coworker pointed out that although the moth had fallen into the mop bucket, it was still struggling. So of course I fished it out and put it outside. And it fluttered its little wings and looked like it was going to be OK. But then the silly thing decided it wanted to come back inside, and it got crushed in the drive-thru window!!! I wanted to cry. I love moths.

I finally superglued my action figures to the shelf, so they stop sliding around whenever the door closes. Kenshin kept shifting so that he was attacking the lamp, and Sano and Saitou just would not stay next to each other. But now they have no problems. Proving that I can keep those two together no matter what the circumstances ; )

Poor ‘shi-chan… I need to clean his water again already. My sister cleaned it out while I was on vacation, but it’s dirty again now. And she didn’t know how properly to keep his meditation plant down, so it’s floating at the top and he has nowhere to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and his tormented soul. I should find a Soujirou fish for him.

Gah, Saturday…. OMG, I am so excited!!!!