I’m not sure how it was that last night I noticed this for the first time, but I sure did. We’ve been doing a lot of organizing at our store lately, and recently somebody put box-cutters in the dry-stock area on chains attached to the shelves so they wouldn’t get lost. They are very sharp… deliciously sharp… and this was how I came to the following realization: that skin has a grain to it the same way paper and cloth do. It’s not a surprise, really, since it makes perfect sense, but it was a very interesting discovery. I wrote “HI” in my arm… just “HI,” which is composed of three vertical (parallel to the length of my arm) strokes and three horizontal. And I found that the horizontal strokes bled immediately and were easily visible, while I had to repeat the vertical strokes three times each to get them to that same level! (The reason I didn’t figure this out before, I guess, is that I was always using that dull knife of mine with which it was so much easier to make the horizontal strokes in the first place that no wonder they bled more.) Anyway, there isn’t much point in knowing this… but it’s very interesting, isn’t it?

And speaking of McDonald’s, which I sortof was at the beginning of that, here’s a somewhat amusing story:

Anyone who’s been to a fast-food restaurant more than once, and certainly anyone who’s worked at one, probably knows how the soda machines are set up. The stuff goes through a tube and comes out an opening into the cups. But that opening is covered by a plastic cap to regulate the flow of the soda so it doesn’t spray everywhere and make a huge mess. These caps twist off so that we can soak them in carbonated water every night since they get rather sticky. But that means that occasionally, one will fall off when it’s not supposed to. And every once in a while, this will happen right into somebody’s drink, and we won’t notice. We’re in the habit of giving free food to customers who are kind enough to bring our soda caps back. Anyway, the following email was recently sent to our complaint-email address:

“I visited the Mcdonalds for lunch and ordered a value meal. The burger and fries were good. The drink I received tasted kind of funny and I decided to open up the cup and there was a piece of plastic tubing/cap of some sort in the drink. I did not go back to the location because I was already at work but I di keep the evidence and will pursue my options. I want to get it and myself tested for possible chemical contamination. Please contact me asap!!”

Well, we all had a good laugh over that one; we’d love to see the results of his “tests” when they tell him that they found traces of… Coca-Cola!!!! Da ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, and another amusing thing that happened a while back at work… I always look at people’s names on their credit cards, especially if they’re foreign, just ’cause it’s interesting. And some woman’s name was Poopak Mohajer. I wonder if anyone’s told her that her name contains a slang word for human waste… probably not. If I went to live in another country and found that my name had that kind of meaning in their language, I would definitely go by something else, however unpleasant that might be to do. But probably nobody would tell me. LOL…