My dad’s car broke down, so he took my mom’s, and my sister was at work. So in order to get to my doctor’s appointment, I had to walk up to McDonald’s (only half a mile) to get my car that I left there Thursday night. And the doctor doesn’t think it’s pleurisy at all, but rather ribs slightly out of joint in the back causing stress to the sternum and so forth. Which makes perfect sense to me, since the spot he said would be causing it is the place where my back always hurts.

And, shimatta, am I dehydrated. And I have a massive headache because I got so little sleep last night. This was partly my fault, because I let my sister sit on my bed reading HP long after I would have preferred to use the bed for sleeping (in other words, I should have kicked her out), and partly my other sister’s fault for taking a break at 3 AM from the overnight “cleaning party” at work (give me a freaking break) and knocking on my window demanding we go to Denny’s.

However, I’m in a much better mood than yesterday. So yay me!