OK, McDonald’s now has the coolest toys it has ever had as far as I can remember. They are little games… real, actual games that you can play and win, with batteries included… like, seven of them! OMG, this is so cool! My faith, although not restored, is a little less trashed than it was.

I want to go to the club tomorrow night, ’cause I want to wear my cute new shirt(s)… I haven’t decided whether I’ll wear them together or not. Hime-chan will probably go with me, and maybe this one girl who used to work with us… I’m trying to get ahold of Greggie, but I dunno if he’s in the state or not. Anyway, I’ll probably go even if I have to go alone… I want to dance!!!

Shimatta, I don’t know what they’re doing on the ‘net in the other room, but I’ve had to reset my computer something like nine times just during the course of answering the emails that were in my inbox when I got home from work. That’s so irritating. (I’ve figured out that the more data transfer is going on from the other computers on the network, the more often my computer freezes up)

Well, FS mentioned it last night, and I read it in the paper today, and I hafta say, YAY SUPREME COURT!!! And I also read some other lame stuff in the paper that annoyed me, but it couldn’t destroy my good mood! *waves rainbow flag*

I had more stuff to tell about, but I’ve forgotten it all. So bye.