My observations lead me to believe that the theory I came up with about myself in April is accurate… that is, that my personality swings slowly between neurotic and psychotic poles. Lately I’ve even been able to pinpoint the day, if not yet the hour, when these swings happen. Now the task is to observe how my particular brands of neurosis and psychosis affect my everyday life. Well, one thing is obvious….. I always live in my own world, but when I’m on the psychotic end that world of mine is superimposed over the real one, and the latter becomes at times difficult to see. Which is when I stop at green lights, and don’t recognize people I supposedly know, and other things like that. It’s all very interesting.

And in other news, I have Pocky again. This is a delightful thing.

Also I’m a wannabe non-virgin:

Wannabe Non-Virgin

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