Yay for new layouts! I went through Seisou Hen last night taking screen-shots of Hiko, and Shou-chan can attest to what kind of mood that put me in… gah, that OAV is so freaking stupid! It’s utterly mindless and often OOC KxK fluff/angst that completely screws up the series. Hiko is its only redeeming feature, seriously. I took several nice shots of him, but when it came to making my layout I found that I only really wanted to use just this one of him drinking in the sunset. Well, to say he was drinking is somewhat redundant, since he’s drinking in every single shot I took. Aaanyway, here’s my new layout.

What I really felt like doing last night was taking Saitou screen-shots, which is something I haven’t done in quite some time (for reasons I’m sure you all know) — but Lexie has my first two seasons of RK. Judging by the speed at which she went through Tenkuu no Escaflowne and Trigun, she should be done with them by now, so I’ll probably get them back from her today or tomorrow. Which means I need to decide what to give her next. Probably Inuyasha. I’m running out of series to lend her, though, and soon she’ll be on her own. If Sack would give back my Cowboy Bebop I could give her that, although she’ll hate the ending. Ooh, and hopefully today my new IY boxed set will come!!!

<lj-cut text="Here is a quiz result. I'm cutting it so as not to obscure the view of Hiko-sama; not that it would obscure the view, really, but it would detract"Yuki/Shuichi
Type 13: Yuki/Shuichi. They’re kawaii, ne? It took
a persistant little 19 year old to bring out
the warmth inside Yuki. Literally.

What Type Of Yaoi Couples Are You Drawn To?
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Maa, I can’t wait for Kenshin to wake up again! Poor Saitou’s going to have a nervous breakdown one of these days if things don’t start going his way, da ha ha ha. This is seriously the most fun RPG I’ve ever played! If only FS’s computer were not being obstinate…. I wanna see the rest of that Hiko/Katsu conversation. I think I’ll head off to the chat room and see if anyone’s there.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot!! Shou-chan and I were playing on NetMeeting last night, and I drew a great picture on the Whiteboard. It was so great I had to save it, and now you get to look at it. Yes, it’s huge, but I couldn’t resize it and still read the text. Two notes: first, the pairings were completely random, so don’t scream at me for them ; ) And second, my Whiteboard’s background is grey, so you could actually see Enishi’s hair, Hiko’s cape, Sano’s clothing, Aoshi’s coat, and so on against it. If you’re ready to be wowed, click here