Oh, major suckage. Lexie finished the RK series (in which phrase I don’t include the third season), but her DVD player, for some reason, refused to play one particular scene…. no matter how hard she tried, it kept freezing up during that one part. And it couldn’t be just any scene… oh, no, it had to be Shishio’s death… she came raging into work today demanding to know what had happened to him, as the next scene she’d been able to watch was the boy-o’s fleeing the fortress. The funny thing was, she’d been secretly hoping that Kenshin would kill Shishio despite his vow! Amusing, I thought. Well, she’s going to watch Tsuioki Hen, and browse through some of the series in its real form (her crappy DVD player won’t play anything but the dub, but now she’s house-sitting for someone with a better machine), and then I can have my DVD’s back… I’m expecting her to finish within the next couple of days; she goes through anime like no one I’ve ever seen. Did I mention that she watched Tenkuu no Escaflowne overnight, and Trigun the next night?

In other anime news, my third Inuyasha boxed set has come, and it’s a cute color of green. I’m rather the opposite of Lexie… I go through anime very slowly. This is because I’m more interested in writing than watching new series. If something holds my attention, I’ll watch it a little quicker than other stuff — I got through what Fiddy-chan gave me of GetBackers relatively quickly, for me. Inuyasha doesn’t interest me as much as that, though, so I haven’t watched these three new DVD’s yet.

OMG, I’m so tired… I think I’ll shower and then take a nap for a couple of hours.