Last night after I got kicked off, I couldn’t sleep, so I did something silly… I took the scans of the funny mini-story at the front of this dj and I put English dialogue into them. You can look at it if you want; I think it’s somewhat amusing: first page, second page, third page, last page. Just please recall that it’s not a translation of the original dialogue; it’s what I arbitrarily decided they were saying. I did try to translate it a while back, but gave up after several hours’ struggle… furigana, people, please!! Why do the original manga all have furigana, but the dj’s never do?!? Don’t they know that I only know 75 kanji??? It takes me sooo long to count the strokes on one, look up kanji with that many strokes, find the one in question, and choose from the various definitions and readings one that makes sense in the sentence… the sentence that, with my grammatical skills practically nonexistent, may actually be saying something entirely different anyway.