This week has been inordinately exhausting, what with all day shifts and volunteer work on days off and job-hunting and apartment-hunting. I’ve gotten so little written it’s pathetic… The only thing that’s kept me genki is Onigokko, which is the greatest thing in history.

Chibi’ivil wants to make an lj entry, but since he can’t spell and I’m not too fond of giving him control over my hands in the first place (when I’m at the computer, anyway), I’m just going to let him dictate to me what he wants to say. So here we go:

Oh! Oh waow. I mean, ohhh. Waaaaow. I mean, oh. Bulldozer. This is the very first entry that I ever maked. And I am truly the greatest guy. Some people don’t realize that, and they think Faery is the greatest guy. But really, I am the greatest guy. And I know this is her journal, but I’m still the greatest guy. And I will marry ‘shi-chan tomorrow! If he doesn’t die, anyway, b’cause Faery is too stupid to clean his water like she said she would. I would clean it, but I’m not in charge of the body. Stupid Faery. If she was a good job, she would be nice to the fish. And also… um…. oh waow! I mean, I don’t like going to work with her b’cause it’s so boring. But it’s not as boring as being in a chat room with all her friends and having to look and look and look, b’cause that’s really the boring one. And I love ‘shi-chan. He is my baby. And I love him. Um… um… I think… I derno. OK, that’s all.

And that’s the brilliant stuff that Chibs has to say today. A week from tomorrow I go on vacation again!! Yay me!! *sighs* I am so tired…