Well, I explained about the week being so exhausting yesterday. I was not in a good mood at that point, but then my (evil) sister convinced (evil) me to call off work today so that we could go see Pirates again, and it was like some huge freaking weight had just shattered and fallen off my shoulders. See, that meant my week was over a day earlier than I’d expected (even if I had to compromise some ethics to get there), and also that I could see Pirates again. So life is beautiful.

And here’s my new layout: the first non-anime layout I’ve ever had. I was watching Cats earlier with my sister over Chinese food and realizing that both the Rum Tum Tugger and Bombalurina are hot enough to deserve layouts of their own. This one, as you can see, is focused on Tugger but also features Bal. I tried to get the butt-bumping shot from where they say he’s “awful annoying” in there, but it didn’t work with the rest of the picture. Well, whatever; I am pleased with my layout. I wish I could figure out how to do more better stuff with styles and crap… it’s too confusing for me at the moment, however.

I should make a new layout for my kuroiyousei journal too. The Saitou one that’s there is pretty, but I think I should do some for the rest of my RK spouses too. And make a few dozen more Saitou ones, of course.

Now for some quizzes.

Destroy-My-Beauty Sexy
What Type of Sexy Are You? (with pics)

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Which “Natural Wonder” are you?

You know, I used to take a lot of surveys too… but for some reason these days I find I’m just not interested at all. I mean, I am kinda interested, but not enough for it to pull me away from whatever I’m doing. Sad, really.

And speaking of pulling me away from whatever I’m doing, Onigokko is the devourer of souls! And I mean that in the best possible way. Seriously, the thing is freaking addictive even when I’m not doing anything!!! Well, of course Saitou had that dream today, but mostly lately I’ve been watching those four do stuff and cheering silently. LOL, you know, I was thinking back at the beginning that we would split off into clear-cut pairs and have relationships… but so far it just looks like everyone is going to end up being slutty. And, hey, I’m all for it! The more sex in a yaoi RPG, the better! Da ha ha ha. And see the picture I drew for it? I didn’t do so good a job on it, but it’s a fun reminder of that scene. I’m gonna try to do a Hiko x Sano one too.

I thought I had something else to say, but now I’ve forgotten. So I’ll make another entry some other time and go try to work on ASZz for now.