So here I am in Utah again, getting all geared up for a week of absolutely nothing!!! *glees* Actually, the last time I was here I wrote an entire story, so I’m hoping that kind of inspiration will hit me this time too. Or at least that I can get some work done on some existing piece. Anyway, I don’t have much to say about today… the drive was pleasant and uneventful, especially since it was just my sister and I (no mother, that is); we got through 3/4 of Pride and Prejudice before we got here, and didn’t bother to stop on the way except for gas. Then when we got here, we looked up the local theaters to see when Pirates was playing (since neither of us has seen it in a week), and were going to go to a 2130 showing, but then we decided to sleep instead. However, I could only sleep for about two hours before I woke up again and haven’t been able to sleep since — probably since I was up until 330 or something last night. Zeke is the cat who is like putty: wherever you put him down, he settles. He was alternating between lying on my chest and on my sister’s chest until I came in here; now he’s sleeping behind me. I think I’ll wait up for a bit in case anything happens on the RP; I can’t tell who’s online, of course, but whatever.