I am getting angry. This is the millionth time I’ve retyped a message today because some stupid command on this damn keyboard (I don’t know what command, and I still hate this keyboard) closes the window on me. To add to this, Project Uncle Spikage was a complete failure. Well, that was actually how I expected it would turn out, so I can’t say that I’m exactly surprised. And since I know what a complete moron my uncle is, I can’t say that it really adds to my frustration either. His comment was, “I actually liked the Ferngully thing better,” with which phrase he was referring to Mononoke that I had him watch last time. (As you can see, he completely missed the point there too.) He did admit that KoH’sD had awesome animation. *snorts* State the obvious, shall we, uncle dear? I honestly don’t know why I bother with him… he’s too narrow-minded and obtuse. But then, he’s thirtysomething and still jobless at my grandmother’s house, so what should I expecting? Anime is wasted on some people.

So. I almost beat LoZ:OoT today, but kept losing the second half of the final boss battle. I decided to take a break from that, and when I came back I found that I’d been zapped back to before the previous boss battle when I loaded my game. I don’t predict that I’ll beat the game — or honestly even attempt it again, now that I know I have to do that battle over again — while I’m here.

In non-frustrating news, I have a whole stack of pictures to scan and put on my site when I get home. The SxS thing I drew the other night doesn’t look too bad, actually… not awesome, but not too bad… and the other SxS thing that I was doing on the way is also almost OK. And then there are several others that I drew earlier today to keep my cousins occupied (because if I draw, so do they, and then they’re busy at it for hours, especially as the second-grader finds my manga volumes fascinating simply because she can’t read them… I wish I could get ahold of her picture of Sagara Souzou to scan and put up somewhere) Anyway, I’ll probably have a lot more before I go home, too. Also, I’ve been email-writing to myself on UTtT, which is good as I seriously need to get it done.

Think I’ll go to bed now.