Actually, I just got up, so I have nothing to say about the day so far unless you want I should describe my shower, which was not at all interesting. But I did have an amusing dream, which I will go into at length.

I was at work, and there were only four of us there: my old GM Sarah, my sister, myself, and some woman who isn’t real but worked there in my dream. And this lady was off half an hour ago, but it kept getting busier and busier… but she really had to go home to take care of her kids. Problem was, someone had to drive her home. So I abandoned the other two (feeling terrible about it) and went to drive her home. But on the way some gunmen jumped into the car and threw her out and forced me to sit in the back while they made evil plots. Apparently there was something in one of the Happy Meals she’d been taking home for her kids that they needed, but they wanted me to give it to them. I was listening to their conversation, and one of them said, “Well, when we get there, if she won’t give it to us, we’ll shoot her.” And I said, “Then you may as well shoot me now, because I have no clue what you’re talking about.” So he did. He shot me just to the right of my sternum, which (big surprise here) is the spot where the stress from my dislocated ribs occurs, and therefore the spot whence all my chest-pains arise. It was an amusing dream.