Today we watched What A Girl Wants on pay-per-view in the hotel and then wented to see a museum of modern art. Tomorrow we will go to see the general art museum (I am so freaking excited to see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the American History Museum, get me a Washington Monument paperweight, and then go home. I have been pleased to be here, although we’ve eaten at an overly high number of sit-down restaurants. Have I mentioned that I don’t like those much? I’m a fast-food faery. The classiest place I like is Denny’s. But I get over it. And my unkind sister won’t tell me how to say “the men of the X” in French, so to punish her I’ve been reading everything French out loud and tormenting her with my horrendous pronunciation. So there. And I forgot to mention that our gate was #12 when we comed on the plane. Now I’m done with this lj update. I wish I had something to say at this point in Onigokko.