All right, more catching up, more quizzes to take.

You’re sort of glompable. You’re kind and happy
enough to let someone glomp you, but you’re
rather delicate, so you have to be careful!

How Glompable Are You?
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You’re perfectly bisexual. Your sexual preference
is for human beings – sexy ones. Genital-type
makes about as much difference to you as hair

How Bisexual are You?
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My LiveJournal Sitcom
All My faerytale (SHOWTIME, 2:30): faerytale (Charo) causes problems at work when a file from lydie_chan (Minnie Driver) has a virus. Then, fiddychan (Linda Cardellini) finds a printer in ms_monypeny (Cheryl Ladd)’s sock drawer. The week after, nekomew (Christopher Walken) lets hishighnesshiko (Pamela Anderson Lee) borrow a DVD player to impress a friend. Nearby, farstrider (Henry Fonda) and ciari (Robert Mitchum) find a lost chicken at the supermarket. Soon afterwards, dragynsidhe (Helen Hunt) plays chess against okiram (Mickey Rooney), who doesn’t know how. Everyone learns a valuable lesson.
What’s Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

OMG, that is so freaking funny…. Jadey and Strider, check out who plays y’all!!! *dies*

Oh, I should stop wasting time… I’ve got things to do today and it’s almost noon. But first, of course, I’ll sign on and see who is around!