I feel better than I did yesterday, but I still called off of work. My sore throat is almost gone, which is a good thing. Oh! And when I woke up this morning (I actually did manage to sleep from about 500 on), I suddenly remembered that my birthday is next week! I was like, “Awesome!!” and ran to talk to my mom. ‘Cause my birthday tradition is to watch the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, which, of course, is five hours long and requires a bit of planning for everyone to watch together. Not that my dad ever manages to sit through the whole thing, but he does make a remarkably valiant attempt.

I seem to be suddenly mildly enamoured of Enishi. In my dream, Saitou was trying to help me seduce him, but instead of finding Enishi I kept running into Aoshi and Kenshin doing their thing. I woke up rather annoyed from that one as it’s Saitou I really want anyway!! But then Ciari had Enishi say, “How irritated I am growing” in the RP, and I was like, “Eeee!! That’s so cute!!” Have I ever explained my cute/charming phrase fetish? Well, I have one.

I am utterly incoherent, am I not? No mas this journal entry.