I am so excessively amused, it’s almost beyond expression, but I’ll try to express it anyway. Here goes…. For a long time, I’ve been somewhat irritated at the habit ff.n authors have of putting “R&R Please” or somesuch in their summaries. I mean, why in the world would you waste your precious summary space on something so utterly redundant??? Is there some other reason you’d put up a story on ff.n than to have people read and review it? So anyway, I decided to mock that. I dug out an old story (Double Date) and put it up on ff.n with the following summary: “Yaoi AU. No R&R please, except flames. Seriously. Don’t read this, and don’t review, unless you want to flame me.” And then I waited to see what would happen. Well, so far, it’s had 108 hits and four reviews… two of the latter were from my friends, and they just made me laugh so hard… OMG, I’m so glad I did it.

That wasn’t the only reason my day was beautiful. Also, we celebrated my birthday today. I got a tie and two dress shirts and some mini-CD’s, and sister M made me an awesome doll of the poopsmith. So, today has been totally awesome. Go everything!