So last night I dreamed that I was in driving along in my car, and the brakes were not working correctly (I have that problem a lot in my dreams). I kept running red lights because I had no choice. When I finally got it to stop (not so far from the shoulder, but still in the middle of the street), I got out to seek help… and immediately these guys came and took my car!! They were like, “You’re in the middle of the street outside our plant, so we’re impounding it.” I was following them through their plant (it was a waste-water treatment plant, oddly enough) rather angrily, telling them what had happened and becoming even more annoyed when they refused to listen. So I wrapped the leader up in a chain-link fence that was nearby and tossed him into the crap we were walking beside. Leaving the others to fish him out, I flew off, grabbed my car by the ski rack on the top, and headed home. A very interesting dream, it was.