So, we’re two days into this week and already it’s awesome. I will say why.

1. My site so prettily reorganized makes me quite happy. I am very pleased with myself and all the work I did. It took me three days to redo all that stuff! I do so love my website.

2. Obviously, winning the RKRC yaoi category has me gleeing. I can’t wait until Wednesday when I get to see what kind of banner I get! I know it’s too much to hope that it’ll be black and white, but I hope at least that it’s nice-looking!

3. Today I realized that the “HI” on my arm had faded enough (finally!) for me to write something new… so now it says “AISHITERU.” The RU is a little low, which is kinda annoying, but overall it looks cool anyway. I was really erratic on the depth, though, so it’s going to fade weird.

4. I’m wearing my monkey shirt.

5. I can’t think of a number five.

So anyway, that’s why my week is awesome. And here’s my deep, dark confession: I’m not opposed to incest, except maybe for parent-child.

That’s all!