So somehow I managed to leave my MP3 player at home last night; it was the second time that’s happened, and once again I came home just ready to tear my eardrums out after having to listen to the crapopular station for three hours straight. So here is a music survey to make me feel better:

Music Survey

What is your favorite…
Animetal, System of a Down
Song? Towa no Mirai (Animetal), The Juppongatana (Animetal), Ippatsu Yarrou! (Ueda Yuuji), Fuck the System! (System of a Down)… Mou, I can never name just one…
Genre? Hard rock / metal, classical

Song you dislike in your favorite genre: Boom! (System of a Down)
Secret (guilty) love: Debbie Gibson

What was the first…
Favorite song you ever had?
Everything I Do (I Do it For You) (Bryan Adams)
CD you ever owned? Mary Poppins soundtrack
Concert you ever attended? >_< Never been to one… Dream Theater was in Denver this summer and I couldn't afford it….
Song you ever danced to? Gah, like I can remember!! You suck!
Soundtrack you ever just had to have? Labyrinth, and then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I have all three, heh…)
Song to have some special meaning to you? Sting’s Why Should I Cry For You?

What is your least favorite…
Don’t have one… anyone who thinks pimping is cool, probably
Song? At the moment (it changes depending on what’s constantly playing on the radio), it’s that horrible and beyond irritating Uh-Oh song.
Genre? Rap

Song you like in your least favorite genre: Work It (Missy Elliot)
Secret hatred (that you don’t often admit): Evanescence

And I forgot to tell about something amusing that happened the other day. There are these two guys who both used to work with me (one transferred to a different store). One is named Steven and the other is named Stephen. And I do not exaggerate when I say that these are two of the most beautiful RL guys I have ever seen. They are so amazingly gorgeous. And they’re best friends. And they’re both tall, but one of them is just slightly taller than the other. So Stephen, the one who transferred a while back, came in to visit our store the other day, and he and Steven were talking. They were standing pretty close to each other, and I was just staring at them thinking, Those guys are so, so, so, so hot… I would die, and die happy, if they were to kiss each other right now. At that moment I tuned into their conversation in time to catch Stephen saying, “We’ll just have to do this S&S style!” And I started giggling uncontrollably… I’d completely forgotten that he referred to them as S&S. He turned to me with, “And, yes, I know what that means to you, but no,” reminding me of a conversation we’d had long ago in which I’d cautioned him against referring to himself and Steven as S&S in front of me as it made me think naughty thoughts about them. However, this only made me laugh harder. And that’s the story.