I am on break and there is nobody around. Four new posts to read was nice, but not a single friend on — what’s with that??? And considering the closing crew tonight, I may not be home in time to get online again. But whatever.

I can’t write poetry when there’s music playing, and that makes it very difficult to write poetry at all in this house. Today I was making an attempt, and my mom was composing something in the next room as usual (that’s the worst, ’cause then she plays the same thing over and over and over again…), and I had the most cleverest idea!! I plugged into the radio on headphones and listened to… what do you call it? White noise, I think… for, like, six hours straight. Drowned out everything so perfectly, but had no rhythm to screw me up. Lovely. Definitely a trick to remember.

Well. I guess I’ll just go back to work now.