So I was looking at some cheap anime-goods website, and I saw this RK CD that had unfamiliar characters on the cover… I was like, “WTF?” and ordered it, never even considering that it might be the hard-to-find video game soundtrack I’ve longed for but never thought I’d actually see. So remember how I said that I had all the Rurouni Kenshin music except for that soundtrack and the ending theme of Seisou Hen? Well…. *glees* I also got Gackt’s MARS and a L’Arc~en~Ciel video CD with some MV’s and some live performances.

And along with that, my deck of RK playing cards:

As you can see (if you’re familiar with the manga and the soundtracks), there’s nothing new in the art on these. Actually, the only picture I’d never seen before was the one on diamonds 3. Oddly enough, that was the last thing I needed to complete Project Like Megumi. I was doing fairly well under my own power, but now that I’ve seen that picture I finally adore her the way a good RK fan should. And I’m starting to call that picture on diamonds 2 The Yahiko-Hand Picture, because I see it everywhere but have yet to see the whole thing and find out exactly whose hand that is. Then I think it’s interesting to note what is pictured on the hearts suite: lots of Kenshin/Kaoru pics, a few featuring Tomoe, and then… Kenshin/Saitou and Kenshin/Enishi? Hmmmm….. Then that one at the very bottom of the last file is what they look like on the back — the picture from the cover of volume 9, of course, and something I’ve often wondered about because of who is opposite whom around Kenshin. Ah, what nice cards I have.

I would like to rearrange the scrolls in my room, just for fun and for change, but they’re up pretty well in the only way they can be. Oh, well.

My mom thinks I may be clinically depressed. I am not ruling out the possibility. I will see someone about it sometime.

Today P and I went to see Pirates again. That movie is awesome, and I am going to be an awesome-looking pirate for Halloween. And we went to Red Robin and I got a balloon. Now it’s time to write my next entry.