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So I heard this song on the radio one day and just flipped out; it reminded me so much of Saitou and Sano that I had to go buy the Three Days Grace CD as soon as possible and try to figure out what to do with the song. The problem with it was that the lyrics weren’t coherent enough to make a songfic out of, and I didn’t know how to make music videos. Well, as you can see, I figured it out; the song was just too perfect to leave alone.

The fact that I’m self-taught is rather evident. There are some choppy moments that I was too impatient to smooth out, and the lip sync at the end of the verse is painfully corny (I couldn’t resist seeing if I could do it; really should have). It looks like there’s supposed to be lip sync during the first chorus (Sano’s mouth moves a lot), but that was unintentional. It would have been a much better lip sync sequence than the one I did on purpose, though; I should have thought about it more.

The song, in case you’re not familiar with it, has been shortened a little; I chopped out the “second verse,” which is exactly the same as the first verse, to avoid boring repetition as well as to give myself a lighter workload.

As for content… this is not, as some irritating people seem to think, an effort to convince the RK world that Saitou and Sano are actually a couple; just like any Saitou x Sano fanfiction, this is aimed at those who already enjoy seeing them paired up and is merely one take on their possible romantic relationship.

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