It was only a routine patrol around a trouble area; it shouldn’t have been so difficult, so life-altering. But every time this particular kid was involved, things just couldn’t go smoothly, couldn’t be normal or easy.

“What are you doing standing around out here at this time of night?” Saitou wondered as he approached, eyeing the young man’s clothing with vague apprehension.

Sano whirled, scowling. “Hey, fuck off, OK? I ain’t doing nothing.”

“It’s my job to be suspicious of scantily clad people standing around on street corners apparently doing nothing. You look like a prostitute.”

“You’re always harassing me,” Sano replied — a little too quickly, Saitou thought, and, if he wasn’t mistaken, fighting off a blush. “I know I’ve always been your favorite street-bum to pick on, but you can even search me — I got nothing on me.”

“You’re loitering.” Saitou did not like the look of that blush.

“Do you see any ‘No Loitering’ signs around here?” demanded Sano.

“There are ‘No Loitering’ laws, you know,” Saitou reminded him.

“Yeah, well…”

“Now, tell me honestly… what are you doing here?”

Sano looked away immediately, the expression on his face more than just embarrassed; it was bitter, ashamed.

“Sanosuke,” Saitou said, very softly and seriously, feeling his heart drop for no reason he could guess at. “Prostitution is only legal in specific parts of town, and this isn’t one of them.”

“I… so, what, you gonna arrest me?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why do you think, jackass?” Despite much of what Saitou said enraging Sano on the best of days, this anger seemed out of place, almost as if Sano were fighting to keep it up. “Gotta make money somehow.”

“And a regular job isn’t good enough for you?” Why, Saitou wondered, did this seem to matter on a level much closer to home than that of abstract social philosophy? Sure, he’d known this kid for a while, had even actually arrested him once, had more often than that let him off a little too easy… but still…

“You think I can live off what they pay at shitty fast food restaurants and mall stores?” Sano growled. “Hell, even those places’ll barely hire me, with my record… anything better’s a million years out of my reach. So I figured it was about time I started using what I got to make some real money; that’s all.” He still hadn’t looked Saitou in the face; it was very evident how he felt about the decision he’d made. And why was that so painful to the police officer?

“Isn’t there anyone…” Saitou knew he would be treading dangerous ground with this. “Don’t you have any friends or family who could help you?”

Sano’s expression darkened visibly. “Would you just fuck off?” he demanded. “Or arrest me already; quit talking my ear off.”

Saitou stifled a sigh and asked professionally, “When did you start this?”


“Have you had any clients yet?”

“No. I didn’t know… this wasn’t the best place for it…”

Why should that relieve Saitou so thoroughly? This was absurd. “I’m going to seriously suggest you rethink this. There are better ways to live your life.”

“No way in hell. Not in this city there’s not. Not for people like me. Took me long enough to decide on this in the first place. I ain’t going back now.” It appeared Sano had just revealed more than he’d originally intended; he was looking away and blushing again, seeming almost horrified with himself. “Go ahead and arrest me if you want,” he finished up, a little more quietly. “Won’t change a thing.”

Saitou nodded slowly. “I’m not going to arrest you,” he said, just as softly, “but I think you’re an idiot.” And turning, he started to walk away, more than dissatisfied with the exchange but not sure there was anything more he could do.

“Hey!” Sano retorted in a more animated tone than before. “I may be an idiot and a fucking whore, but at least I’m making my own way.” His voice rose into a shout as Saitou drew further and further from him. “Nobody can say I didn’t take care of myself on my own!”

The officer’s steps slowed almost against his will, his frown deepening and seeming to turn abruptly to stone. It was always that fierce independence, that absolute, uncompromising determination… Still without the full consent of his better judgment, he retraced his path. Sano actually backed up a pace, evidently afraid Saitou had changed his mind and planned to arrest him after all. But Saitou only pulled his wallet from his pocket, extracted a couple of large bills, and held them out with a stiff arm.

Sanosuke’s face darkened. “I don’t want your charity, cop.”

“I’m not offering charity,” Saitou replied in an equally dark tone.

As Sanosuke realized what he meant, reaching up slowly to hold both the money and the hand offering it, he looked into the officer’s face with eyes that seemed, against all odds and expectations, warily hopeful. “You said this is illegal around here,” he whispered.

But Saitou didn’t waver. “Come on,” he said, letting go of the money and turning. “My car’s just around the corner; we can use the back seat.”

Queen Yokozuna beat me at the Quote Guessy Game, and her request was “Sano a whore; Saitou his first paying customer.” So here’s a depressing ficlet; someday there may be a sequel.

I’ve rated this story . What do you think of it?

This story is included in the Saitou/Sano Collection 1 ebook.

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  1. (Holy cow that was qu — didn’t I just post the request like literally two minutes ago?? O_O)

    Muah muah muah!! Thank you so much, I shall be treasuring this lovely little gem with grand affection. ;;_;; And I’m glad you had fun with this too. :D Waahhh! *so much love*

    1. Mucho glad you like! ^__^ I’d actually love to take it a bit farther, have the hot sexings and then Saitou basically (circuitously) promise that whenever Sano needs moneys he can go to him, but then I’d have to write a lemon.

      And, yeah, I guess it was pretty quick :D This game is just too much fun.

        1. See, but (if I could stand writing lemons) it would be so much fun to write Saitou doing it all wordless and dour and pretending he’s not being nearly as gentle and generous as he actually is. Mmm, backseat sex.

  2. ^-^

    nice storyline from begining to end. loved the back and forth with sano and saitou. the sano felt bad but stuck with what he was doing and saitou caring what he did in the way he does. and his line at the end “My car’s just around the corner; we can use the back seat.” had me rolling.

    p.s. checked out the GEF pages u get mucho grande cool points for will have to check them all out and find out why there was a problem with a bundle of money.

    2nd p.s. you kick much ass keep doing what u do lady :P

  3. I would LOVE to see more of this story; in fact, I was indignant when I discovered the lack of a Next Chapter link at the bottom of the page. I don’t think, though, that you would need to write lemon in order to make the story work; in fact, I suspect that I would like the story more if it were NOT lemony, since the issues at hand are not whether the fucking is good (this is generally assumed in fanfiction), but rather how Sano got to be in such a desperate situation; why Saitou offers him a one-time hookup and not a position as his spouse or mistress; why Saitou has a problem with being openly kind (in general, not just in this situation); how Sano feels about a person, a cop, and THIS cop paying him for sex; and whether, should each find that he has feelings for the other, they can ever enter into a relationship that has a chance at permanence given how it is starting. Sano not being stupid, the question of whether he should blackmail Saitou would probably come up as well. Actual plumbing doesn’t have to play a very large part even with a lot of room to explore all these questions.

    Dooooo iiiiiiit.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this and want more, because, as a matter of fact, I have been slowly working on a sequel for some time. Actually I think it’s longer already than this one was XD

  4. I got nothin’ but respect for sex workers, but seeing Sano feeling so ashamed about doing this to live made me sad. D: I feel like Saito was protecting him at the end of the story. Sano said it himself that he already made up his mind and there isn’t any going back. And once homeboy gets an idea (like going to Kyoto after Kenshin left), Saito knows there’s no talking him out of it. I kinda like to think Saito and Sano struck a deal after that, so Sano would service only him. and then they fall in love and everyone is happy. Thanks for this!

    1. Yeah, writing about sex workers is an iffy business. In the two stories I’ve done where a sex worker gets any significant pagetime and not just a passing mention, each of them is unhappy in the profession and would rather be doing something else, and that’s unfortunate. One of these days I’ve got to come up with something about a satisfied sex worker that doesn’t feel the need to get out. But today is not that day.

      You’re so right about not being able to talk Sano out of something. I mean, I think it’s possible if you have the right kind of relationship with him… but at this point Saitou doesn’t. Sad!

      Saitou and Sano absolutely do strike a deal after this, but it’s more along the lines of, “Whenever Sano needs money, he can go to Saitou, and Saitou will never turn him away.” This is mentioned in the sequel, which I really need to get around to finishing one of these days. There may be a bit of then they fall in love and everyone is happy in there too.

      Thank you so much for your comments!

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