Today I stayed up way late in order to finish the fifth DVD. Here are the rest of my thoughts upon it:

OK. I LOVE RELENA. OMG. I had inklings from things I’d seen around that she was going to become QUEEN OF THE WORLD, and I was like, That will be so Mary-Sue…. And then it WASN’T. OMG, she is so awesome.

Dorothy looks better in the goth dress, but she needs to lose the pink headband. And, sorry, darling, your stupid grandfather didn’t die gloriously like a freaking soldier.

Also I still have mad loves for Noin.

*sniggers* Some of them just can’t get their Japanese mouths around the “fa” sound. “Waito Hangu.” Nice.

Epyon is still the hottest Gundam ever. I was absurdly happy when Heero and Zechs (after a nice slashy moment) switched so the hotter guy got the hotter Gundam. I like Epyon best, then DeathScythe, then HeavyArms, then Sandrock. The rest of them I don’t care much about, and Tallgeese is still a retarded name.

OK, I actually find Catharine pretty tolerable as Trowa’s sister. Now, where did this idea of them being a couple come from, again? Because Catharine states very plainly that she’s his sister…

Yeth, the Trowa/Quatre thing is… obvious. I’m not much of a Trowa fan at this point, but I think this pairing gets my vote. Quatre freaking cried when he saw him again, and Quatre was the first one to really break Trowa’s amnesia. But what was with Duo not warning him that Trowa wouldn’t remember him? That was just slightly mean. Maybe he was displacing his frustration at STUPID UGLY HAIR HILDE. MmmDuoRaburabu.

And Zechs needs to make up his mind. Treize seems to be happy wis him, though…

The ending theme became inappropriate about ten episodes ago. The score is growing on me. The song that keeps starting to play near the end of each episode is getting annoying. No, not the song itself… just that it keeps starting to play every time, and then the episode ends not long after.

Wow, that was a lot of thoughts! And OMFG it is so bedtime o.@