The first dream started out wis a very interesting concept that I might at some point use in something. There is this parallel dimension very similar to ours, except that instead of replacing game shows wis reality TV, they have gone to a new level in games shows by starting to use unwitting or at least unprepared contestants. Sure, that’s somewhat similar to reality TV, and doubtless thence the reality trend has sprung in our universe, but in this dimension they went so far as to psychically channel someone’s spirit from our dimension into the body of someone in their dimension to participate in the game show. I was such a spirit. It would have been confusing and frightening (which I suppose is the point) had I not also had a narrator’s perspective on the whole thing and known what was going on; therefore I was merely somewhat grouchy.

The first part of the game was to walk into this virtual reality room, determine the location and general situation therein in under sixty seconds, and give an accurate and concise summary upon exiting. I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing, and walked around inside this submarine (Canadian submarine, incidentally) wondering what the point was, before coming out and being ridiculed by my teammates for being stupid and bad at the game. I blew up at them and cowed them.

The next part of the game was, oddly enough, where Kyarorin had been turned into a snake and needed rescuing from a swimming pool, but only after I figured out which snake of the twelve million that were in there was she. I took this one a tad more seriously, as may be imagined. Once I’d fixed upon the right snake and gotten it out of the water, it turned out that the snake was not actually Kyarorin, but rather the little red pellet that the snake had been given to swallow. Having extracted this, I was upset to the point of much crying that Kyarorin had been turned into a little red pellet, and I was telling her over and over again that I would definitely find a way to turn her back, and she kept replying that there was no way, that it was totally hopeless. Apparently both of us had forgotten that this wasn’t even our dimension, that she’d probably been channeled into the little red pellet just as I had been into whatever body I was currently inhabiting, and that this was a game show.

If anything else happened after that in that dream, I don’t remember it.

OMG, I just realized that I completely forgot to detail the alligator-mouth-kid dream!!! I may have mentioned it, but I never really told all about it.

So. Fiddychan and Pierrling were coming over to hang out, but just as they arrived, also arrived the freaky alligator-mouth-kid!! It was a toddler, but he had this giant mouth filled wis giant teeths. The really scary thing about him was the same thing all those horror movies that have evil children in them use to scare you: this sense of, if not necessarily innocence, at least naivete that indicates a total lack of comprehension of the finality of death or the horrors of… horror. Yeah. So this little toddler was there, and it was creepsome. Fiddychan and Pierrling got inside, and I was trying to get inside too. Problem was, this toddler could imitate things I did, as children often can, so flying to escape from it didn’t help. Also there was this feeling that it needed to be humored or else it would get mad and become more creepsome. I was trying to go inside through the garage, but the kid kept going on the sensor that makes the garage door not close. That was freaky. So I got a pole and tried to push it away, and managed to get the garage door closed. I went inside, very much relieved, and Fiddychan and Pierrling were sitting on the couch. They wondered what had taken me so long getting inside, and just then the small item appeared at the back door, appearing as if it was going to be able to open the door. So I locked that door, and just for good measure locked the kitchen door too. Then we were going to figure out what cool stuff to do, when suddenly I heard (this is awesome) a chorus of kazoos from the basement playing a bridal march. Somehow (in that omniscient dream-way) I just knew that this heralded a whole herd of alligator-mouth-kids and that things were going to get even more creepsome. But that was as far as that dream went.

OK, last dream. This was just last night. My family all lived in Middle-Earth. After Sauron’s final defeat, his armies, instead of being destroyed in the ensuing battle or surrendering, scattered all across the land. I lived wis my family in a mining town in the Misty Mountains (which were oddly similar to the Rocky Mountains), and we knew some orcs were in our area, so we made much preparations. In this one we could all fly. For some reason we thought it was a good idea to defend our town from within the mine; don’t ask me. Anyway, so we’re all hanging around fully armed and ready for battle hovering six feet off the ground inside the mines, and I was trying to persuade P of something. I’m not sure what it was, but it was a minor disagreement that was turning into a desperate argument. I think what it boiled down to was that she was being willful and was going to get herself killed; she wanted me to mind my own business, and I wanted to make sure she stayed nearby so I could protect her… but I stopped short of saying that last straight-out, because it would have insulted her and made things worse. Eventually she went away from me to another area, and I sighed and went to tell my mom about the argument. My mom was talking to some people and showing them her awesome longsword. One of the arms on the hilt had been broken off in a battle she’d fought recently. The people were admiring my sword too, and I mentioned to them that these swords could only be wielded by members of our family; if anyone else tried to use them, they wouldn’t be able to hold onto them.

I was for some reason taking great care to arrange all my rings. This may have been brought on by the setting, but I wore a lot of rings and it was apparently very annoying in battle if they weren’t all on, and on the correct fingers. At one point I dropped one, and telekinetically retrieved it from the floor six feet feet below. The people we were talking to were only mildly impressed by this, which suggests that it was not an unusual power. Too bad Gondor didn’t know about this Mary-Sue mining town, hmm? Especially since a little later our scouts came in and they were all decked out in very modern camo and army-type gear. They informed us that the orcs were holding back and watching as the evil humans were planning on sealing off the entrance to the mines. Why this was a problem, when we had scouts going in and out unseen by our enemies, I’m not sure, but the news threw us all into a turmoil of debate. I was all for letting them seal off the entrance, then digging our way out another direction, coming around, and taking them by surprise (which seems about as tactically sound as hiding out in the mines in the first place), but at this point the dream ended.